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bignamebrain clients already know:

  • If your 14 year old niece has created a logo that you believe is, "Oh so wonderful," and is intended to represent your company - that's great. We are happy to design around it as long as the Whitney is beating down her door to get her to do a show. We do not care how much money you have - if it is awful, we won't make it work. Our professional reputations are on the line. We actually care about our clients regardless of your need to show your family you love your niece. We didn't like her anyway. 
  • If you don't know what you want, we will work with you to discover the direction needed for an optimal solution. Once we begin to spend a semi truck full of time and energy to design an agreed upon solution that is best for you... and you change your mind - that's on you - and you will have to pay for it.  We do not walk into your shop and take whatever we want without payment. 
  • *We think the monkey is funny.

*Your niece called. She thinks the monkey is funny, too. And now, we like her again. 



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