Be kind to animals else one day you might find yourself wearing catsup.



  • creative and full-stack digital designer / director
  • brand manager
  • artist and culture vulture
  • experience strategist

A big fat education and 20+ years experience in Web and digital design, Patrick is sometimes referred to as a UX unicorn and focuses on critical consumption, delivery, and strategy for progressive media. He enjoys all things interactive be it in the eithersphere or the hithersphere.

I finally murdered every one of my imaginary friends, creatively and without notice.
Now they think it's funny to leave their heads in the frig, desk, truck...on the cat.



  • creative and art director
  • brand maven
  • designer and visual communications
  • experience strategist

20+ years experience and a life-time of real-world and formal design education, Wendy knows when your brand is misbehaving. Adept with all things visual and a savvy commercial sense, Wendy drives a clutch while she focuses on brand recognition, accurate visual delivery, and creative print and interactive. She will tell you if your shirt tag is out - or if you've a nose hair on the loose.

I'm not afraid of terrorists...I've two teenagers. 



  • culinary creative and art director
  • painter / artist
  • experience strategist

A lifetime of art education combined with 20+ years experience, JC is very adept to the environmental perspective. Be it fine art or the smell from your other room, JC focuses on aesthetics for the human senses. JC possess a sardonic wit and starts new culinary trends: he also was a contestant on the 3rd season of "The Great American Baking Show." 

The director had to yell, "Cut!" a lot. 

Of course I love children...rolled in Panko and deep fried. Who doesn't?


  • sound creative and music composition
  • visual artist
  • experience strategist
  • Talking Heads groupie

Trained in visual arts, Joe was always a sound gormandizer and found himself immersed in music. With 20+ years experience in music, composition and sound design, (the)Joe focuses on the experience of place as it appeals to the visual sense and physical location. 

Clients range from IBM (white noise machines - yes, a goat was involved) to local artists to audioplace perception for Conrad Hotels. 

I am my own best friend - with whom I argue, but I still like each other. 


  • culinary creative
  • muse and inspiration
  • hillbilly fashionista

We dearly love Danny; today we carry him in our fondest memories. Danny was a decadent culinary, our inspiration for starting Garmache, keeping Sunday dinner alive, and promoting the urban farming movement in Kansas City, Mo. 

Danny was unable to hear the phrase, "Chicken pluckin' factory" without pissing himself, which he did often.

Parts is parts!